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Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)

【CLAIR and The JET Programme】

【More About CLAIR】

【CLAIR and The JET Programme】


The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) manages the JET Programme in conjunction with the three Ministries. CLAIR was established as a joint organisation of prefectural and municipal governments in July 1988, to promote and provide support for an increasing interest in local level internationalisation in Japan.


CLAIR implements the JET Programme, one of a number of ongoing projects. Through JET, Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) and Sports Exchange Advisors (SEA) are recruited overseas and dispatched to local public bodies across the country in an effort to foster better understanding of foreign cultures while also giving participants the chance to learn more about Japan.


CLAIR’s objective is to ensure that the JET Programme runs as smoothly and successfully as possible for the local authorities (contracting organisations) and individuals involved. In order to achieve this, CLAIR advises host prefectures and designated cities, contracting organisations and participants.


CLAIR publishes the Contracting Organisation Manual (Ninyodantai-yo Manual) and the Questions & Answers Manual (Shitsugi Otoshu) for contracting organisations. In addition, CLAIR holds seminars for contracting organisations, Prefectural Advisors and other officers, providing training and advice about JET Programme matters and how to deal with cross-cultural issues.


In addition to this support for contracting organisations, CLAIR also plans and implements numerous conferences for JET participants. Likewise, JET participants are able to take advantage of a wide variety of publications produced and distributed by CLAIR.


CLAIR employs ten Programme Coordinators (PCs), all former JET participants, eight of whom are in the Department of JET Programme Management. These Programme Coordinators serve as an additional point of contact for JET participants and can answer questions or concerns about matters related to living and working in Japan.


Main duties of CLAIR’s Department of JET Programme Management include:

・Overseeing correspondence with the Ministries involved with recruitment and selection of new JET participants.

・Placement of JET participants in contracting organisations after being notified of successful applicants by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

・Conducting promotional activities regarding the JET Programme.

・Providing assistance and guidance to contracting organisations.

・Coordinating the reappointment process between JET participants and contracting organisations.

・Preparing and implementing orientations and conferences such as Post-Arrival Orientation, CIR and SEA Mid-Year Seminars, and the After JET Conference.

・Providing support for local ALT Skill Development Conferences.

・Preparing training materials such as Japanese language course study CDs and textbooks and implementating Japanese language training for participants.



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