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JET Conferences

【ALT Skill Development Conference】

alt mid-year seminar ALT Skill Development Conferences (SDCs) are held in each prefecture between August and January each year for one to five days. The content is decided at the prefectural level based on guidelines set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


Two of the main goals of the ALT Skill Development Conferences are to facilitate communication between ALT and JTEs and to improve the quality of team teaching. These conferences are a valuable opportunity for ALTs and JTEs to attend workshops together and openly share their opinions with each other.


Each year, CLAIR staff members attend a number of ALT Skill Development Conferences across to the country to give presentations as well as observe and offer their feedback. They also are available to speak with and answer questions from JET participants.


For more information about the schedule and content of the ALT Skill Development Conference in your prefecture, please contact your Prefectural Advisor (PA).